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Need an alternative to window units and conventional A/C systems?

Ductless, mini-split system air conditioners (mini splits) have numerous potential applications in the marine industry. 

Troubleshooters is a Diamond Contractor for Mitsubishi Mini Split sales and installation.

We will size the unit for your particular needs and install the equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Troubleshooters will also install and/or service any brand of ductless, mini split air conditioners upon your request.


  • Individual Room Temp Control

  • Flexible Interior Design Options

  • Small Size

  • Dehumidification

  • Allergen Filtration

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Capacity Control

  • Quiet Operation

  • Easy Installation

  • System Simplicity

Equipment Options:

  • Wall Mounted Ductless

  • Ceiling Recessed Cassette

  • Ceiling Suspended Ductless

  • Single Zone Indoor & Outdoor Units

  • Multi Zone Indoor & Outdoor Units

  • Air Conditioner Controllers


The most common applications are in vessels with "non-ducted" systems. Mini splits can also be a good choice for rooms that are not cool/warm enough where extending or installing ductwork (for a central air-conditioner or heating system) is not possible or feasible. Their efficiency, ability to dehumidify, and their ease of installation makes them an excellent solution for marine vessels. Like central systems, mini splits have an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit, but the lack of ductwork helps keep moisture down and eliminate places for mold & mildew to grow. Regardless of your vessel’s air conditioning needs, a ductless system offers the solution you’re looking for. 


Interior Design Options – Their small size and placement flexibility makes mini splits a desirable alternative.

Zoning – Mini splits are great for heating and cooling individual rooms, so you only need to condition a space when it is occupied, which saves energy and money.

Easy Installation – Compared to conventional air conditioning systems, mini splits are very simple to install. They typically only require one small hole in the wall for the conduit versus the building design modifications necessary for ductwork.

Energy Efficient – Since mini splits have no ducts, energy loss from ductwork is avoided. By positioning an air handler directly at the delivery point, ductless systems increase efficiency by eliminating friction loss, leakage, and design deficiencies that traditional ductwork can cause.

Remote Control – Each zone has its own thermostat and has a remote control option for making adjustments as needed.

Cost Savings – Although the cost of ductless air conditioning equipment may be higher when compared to a conventional system or a window unit, mini split systems are very cost effective over the life of the equipment. Their energy efficiency can result in significant savings in annual utility costs.

Health Benefits – Mini splits eliminate the dirt and debris that accumulates in ductwork, which can help keep a home cleaner, healthier, and smelling fresh. They are also equipped with an allergen filtration system.         

Inverter Technology – A variable speed motor allows the compressor to run more slowly for zones with a low cooling demand, and run faster for zones with a higher cooling demand, which reduces energy costs. 

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